RE–SITED, a non-profit arts organization, co-founded in 2016 by Melissa Bianca Amore & William Stover is dedicated to presenting new scholarly research and curated exhibitions that examine the intersection of site, sculpture and architecture.

RE–SITED raises fundamental questions about “site” and “space” and re-evaluates how we cognitively “think” space and travel between spaces. We ask: “how does space become an environment, cultural landscape or site, and who or what creates this demarcation and transition?”

Our central mission is twofold: a) to investigate how public art, architecture and large-scale installations navigate social behavior, activate a renewed spatial awareness and interrupt pre-conditioned patterns of perception and observation, and b) to examine how context, whether physical, virtual, conceptual or theoretical, modifies and reframes the translation and reception of a work of art.

RE–SITED believes that social and political shifts occur through the activation of perceptual interruptions and by displacing the body and the mind from the current state of consciousness. We aim to curate a series of situations in space to activate perceptual experiences and shift habitual behavior. This spatial shift encourages one to question the origins of perception itself and examine the conditions of experience.

As part of RE–SITED’s commitment to examining the psychology and phenomenology of space we are producing a digital publication RE–VERB. This publication will function as a research forum that cultivates original content from leading scholars working in neuroscience, mathematics, cosmology, phenomenology, architecture and quantum-physics, among other disciplines. Re-Verb presents new interpretations that extend beyond the traditional art and architectural theoretical canons.

Today, we find ourselves in a space—whether virtual, psychological or physical—where disciplines such as visual arts, architecture, performance, technology, philosophy, science and mathematics, are dissolving into a unified singular classification, whereby perhaps the concept of inter-disciplinary aesthetics is the experience of a “situation” placed in space.

This website functions as a forum to present ideas and research conducted by RE–SITED.

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Caroline Cloutier. Passage, 2017
Digital print on self-adhesive vinyl, mirror
Exhibition site: Traveling Spaces, VOLTA Art Fair, New York, United States
Curated by RE-SITED
Iran do Espírito Santo
Untitled (Unfold), 2004
6 painted aluminum panels
Dimensions variable
© Iran do Espírito Santo
Courtesy: Sean Kelly, New York, United States
Photography: Wit McKay, New York
Lucio Fontana
Fonti di Energia, 1961/2017
Neon lighting
Installation site: Pirelli Hangar Bicocca, Milan, Italy
Photography: Agostino Osio
Alicja Kwade
Changed (fig. II), 2016
Stone, aluminum, mirror, glass, steel
296 × 240 × 328 cm
Courtesy of Alicja Kwade; private collection
Photography: John Berens
Sarah Oppenheimer
D-33, 2012
Aluminum, glass and existing architecture
Dimension variable
Installation site: PPOW, New York, United States
Courtesy of Sarah Oppenheimer